My name is Yukimine Ishino, formerly known as Shi Xuefeng. I was born on April 5, 1962, in Jilin, China. I am also the citizen of Japanese and Australian. At the age of 14 in 1976, I was admitted to the Dance Academy of Jilin Art Academy. In 1981 I was promoted to the Department of Dance Performance. I was an outstanding student and I got ‘the best students’ award almost every year. After graduating in 1983, I was appointed to teach at the college. In the first year of teaching, I was rated as an excellent teacher in the college.


My first and single dance “The Waves” in my graduating performance brought me great fame and reputations on dancing in my province. Afterward, many of my dances received positive feedback, including solo dance “Drunken Sword”, leading dance in the “Dancing Moon”,“Double Happiness” in the drama“Dish Breakout” and group dance“Sword Dance” etc. I have solid fundamental skills, from ballet to classical dance, then to folk dance, which brings me strong capability on role shaping and makes me adaptive in a wide range of performances style.

In 1987, I was transferred to the Beijing All-China Federation of Trade Unions and Song and Dance Troupe as the chief actor, director, and chief of operations. In addition to being representative of the solo “waves” and “drunken swords”, I ever participated in group dance “Huagu Lan” and “Wrangler”as leading dance. I also participated in double dance “Lantern Night”, “Spring Rain” and “Moon Night”. Among these,“Lantern Night”is the achievement of Zhang Jigang who is the director of the Olympic Games, and I have been praised by him. He said: “The whole country has come to me to learn this dance for no less than 200 pairs. You are the best.”, Director Zhang Jigang ever led the drama “The Lotus Lantern” which have been well received in the national dance drama tune. In addition, he, as either director or actor, led teams to join in CCTV television programs. He has also been director and choreographer of a number of celebrities, including Guan Muchun, Xie Xiaodong, Cai Guoqing, Guan Guimin, Su Hong, Hang Hong and others.

Due to my outstanding achievements, I was absorbed by the Chinese Dancers Association as a member.

In 1993, I left my passionate dance career and went to Japan and the United States to study abroad. Now I live in Sydney, Australia.

My hobby is extensive. During the student’s period, I was the college’s long-distance running champions, high jump champion, the 400-meter champion. I was also the basketball star of the college because I was known as the “God shooting”. Piano and Golf are my favorite hobbies. While I was living in New York, I participated in Asian amateur golf tournaments, and while I was living in Tokyo, I won a special prize at an international type song and dance competition of TV TOKYO.


我叫石野 雪峰(Yukimine Ishino),原名:石雪峰。1962年4月5日生于中国吉林,日籍,澳籍华人。1976年14岁时考入吉林艺术学院舞蹈中专部,1981年升入本院舞蹈表演系。学生时代成绩优异,几乎每年都获得全院的三好学生。1983年毕业后被省里指名留到本院任教。任教的第一年就被评为全院优秀教师。中专毕业演出时的处女作独舞“海浪“就一炮打响,轰动省内业界。此后的很多舞蹈也收到好评,其中有独舞“醉剑”“ 舞剧“奔月”中的领舞“火舞”,小舞剧“突围”里的双喜; 群舞:“马刀舞”等。基本功扎实,从芭蕾舞到古典舞到民间舞角色的可塑性强。表演范围广而各有特色。

1987年接到中央组织部的调令,被调到北京中华全国总工会歌舞团担任主要演员兼编导及业务队长。在全总更是备受重视,除了代表作独舞“海浪”和“醉剑”外,曾参加演出了群舞 “花鼓灯“及 ”牧马人“的领舞;双人舞“元宵夜“ (是奥运会总导演,张继刚的作品,并受到他的好评他说:全国来我这里学这个舞蹈的不下200对儿,你们是最棒的。),”春江雨“ ”月夜“。他主演的舞剧“宝莲灯”在全国舞剧调演中受到好评。此外还多次领队参与中央电视台电视节目的导演和演员工作。曾给很多明星做过导演和舞蹈编导工作,其中有:关木春,解晓东,蔡国庆,关桂敏,苏红,航宏等。




I accept the personal trainee, consultation, choreography and coaching about dance, including classical dance, folk dance, and ballet.

I also undertake the organization and guidance of large-scale performances.

Even more, I devote myself to cultural exchanges by helping and planning activities.




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