Yukimine ISHINO, formerly known as Shi Xuefeng, now known as Sky. I was born on April 5, 1962, in Jilin, China, and I was the member of the Chinese Dancers Association. More than ten years of actor experience has nurtured my deep and solid cultural foundation and artistic accomplishment. Distinctive stage performances, as well as the participation of television programs and film work, have arisen my great passion in hairstyles and costumes. After years of hard work, I got a hairdresser’s license and became an amateur hairdresser in the performance team. In front of the stage I am an actor, behind the stage, I am a hairstylist.


In 1993 I left my short but brilliant dance career and immigrated Japan to start my career as a professional hairdresser. I graduated from Shiseido Beauty Technical College in Tokyo, Japan, and then graduated from“New York International Beauty School” in Manhattan, New York. In Tokyo and New York, I have participated in a variety of international training courses, such as the Dengshi Generation Association, Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon and Dramatics NYC. I have been studying in Tokyo for 7 years and 4 years in New York. I have not only mastered hair styling but also have unique skills and insights in terms of makeup, nails, and other aspects. The languages Chinese, Japanese, and English have made me more open-minded and made me absorb many aspects of nutrition and grow rapidly. In addition, my wide range of hobbies, piano, golf and ballroom dancing, make my life full of colorful. While living in New York, I participated in the Asian amateur golf tournament and in Tokyo, I won a special prize at an international dance competition on TV.


In 2004, I returned to China, where I had been separated for more than 10 years, and started working in a Japanese Beauty Health Club located in Xiamen. Afterward, I was invited to Beijing working for a senior beauty salon of a Sino-Korea joint venture. Then I helped establish a Japanese salon “Cao Jiaen International Beauty Salon” in Suzhou. I immigrated to Australia in 2007.


石野 雪峰(Yukimine ISHINO),原名:石雪峰。艺名:Sky。1962年4月5日生于中国吉林,中国舞蹈家协会会员。十几年的演员经历,培育了我深厚,扎实的文化基础和艺术修养。大大小小的舞台演出以及电视节目和电影工作的参与,使我对发型及化装产生了浓厚的兴趣。多年的努力,我拿到了美发师执照并且在演出团里成了业余的美发师。台前是演员,台后是发型师。

1993年我告别了光辉而短暂的舞蹈事业。移居日本真正开始了我专业的美发师的生涯,先后在日本东京的 “资生堂美容技术专门学校”及美国纽约曼哈顿(Manhattan) 的 “New York International Beauty School” (纽约国际美容美发学校)学习毕业。在东京及纽约参加过许多各种各样的例如登石记代盘发协会,Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon及Dramatics NYC等国际级培训课程进行深造,7年的东京和4年的纽约美发工作经历,使我不仅精通美发造型,而且还在化装,美甲等多方面都有独到的技艺及见解。中文,日文,英文使我更加视野开阔,吸收多方位的营养而快速成长。除此之外,我的业余爱好广泛,钢琴,高尔夫及国标舞,使我的生活更加充实而多彩。在纽约生活时,参加过亚洲业余高尔夫球赛,在东京生活其间曾在东京电视台的一个国际型歌舞比赛中获特别奖。


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